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Physiotherapy an Introduction:

What is Physiotherapy?

Most of illnesses affect an individual's physical wellbeing. Most of the cases of diseases and disorders can be curbed if timely precautions are taken. A medical Management is not neccessorily the only solution. In most of the cases, a disease or disorder can be avoided if an expert openion is taken on time. Physiotherapy is the field that deals with variety of diseases, disorders and syndromes affecting population. It provides quick and effective life modification advices, health and wellness training and effective precationary strategies to cure or curb a client's problem.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is one who has a 4 year undergraduates in the clinical sciences, and has done mandatory 6 months hospital based training. Additional degrees/diplomas, other work done elsewhere at hospitals, fitness centres, health care points and clinics only adds the additional experience to one's expertise.

What to look in a physiotherapist?

Though there are many state/regional bodies those recognise Physiotherapist working in their locations, Indian Assiciation of Physiotherapists (IAP) is the national body that registers and catalogs qualified physiotherapists in India. Therefore IAP recognition is the first thing to ask your physiothrapists.

While looking for a physiotherapists, check out,

1. If your Physiotherapist has IAP recognition?
2. You can ask regarding registration No.
3. Ask for the experience and past working details if you wish to know more about you physiotherapist's work experience.

While you are inquiring your physiotherapist's do take special care not to offend your physiotherapist as he is an expert person who will be dealing with your problem and an unhappy start is definitely not a good start.

What Services are covered under Physiotherapy consultaion?

1. Orthopedic conditions.
2. Neurological Conditions.
3. Gynecological Conditions.
4. Cardiothoracic conditions.
5. Paediatrics conditions.
6. Health and fitness training program.
7. All sorts of Life modification advices.

What Sorts of treatments are included in Physiotherapy consultation?

1. Manual Therapy.
A qualified physiotharapist uses his hands to mobilize or manipulate to fix your problem creating tissues.

2. Exercise Therapy.

An expert Physiotherapist uses his detailed knowladge of exercise therapy to match his client's needs.

3. Electotherapy.

A variety of electrical, sonic, electromagnetic and photonic equipments are used by an expert physiotherapist to bring desired effects in problem creating tissues.

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